$38B in Cuts? Nothing to Celebrate

During the campaign for the November elections, the pledge was to cut $100 billion — and when that pledge was made, folks, I have to tell you, that’s largely symbolic. It’s a good step, I guess, but $100 billion, we’d still be talking pennies. This was not an election that was eked out in the final moments. This was a tsunami, and it’s gonna take a whole bunch of tsunamis to continue to roll this back. We’re not gonna roll this back with baby steps. We need a series of tsunamis, like the November election.

Okay, but, anyway, during the November election the pledge was to cut $100 billion, and then when there wasn’t a budget and we went to a continuing resolution format, that got reduced to $61 billion on a prorated basis because we lost five months there; and then $61 billion became too much and we ended up at $38 billion. My question is, why promise $100 billion, and then why reduce the hundred billion to $61 billion and reduce that to $38.5 billion? What changed during all of this? Where did we start losing leverage? Where did we start losing ground? Obama’s poll numbers didn’t start skyrocketing upward. What happened?



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