Wisconsin State Worker Whines and Moans About Governor Walker

Because you are collectively bargaining against your citizens. You are collectively bargaining against your neighbors. You’re not bargaining against some fat cat CEO flying around in a jet who owns the company. The issue here is not about what you want. The issue is about what is affordable, what the citizens are able to pay. And they aren’t able to pay what you are demanding. Collective bargaining, you are not engaging in collective bargaining when you’re a public employee union. You’re shaking down your fellow citizens is what’s happening. And the state’s either gonna go bankrupt or this is all gonna get fixed and we’re going to bring things back into balance. That’s where we are. The governor is trying to save the state, save your job and everybody else’s job. You don’t see it that way because you have the bias and the prejudice of union membership. But who elected you to get health care for free? Who decided you get health care and your pension free for the rest of your life? Where did that happen? It’s unsustainable. It can’t go on.

They want these debates focused on Walker in this case in Wisconsin. “Let’s focus on the governor. What do you think about the governor being lawless, Mr. Limbaugh? I haven’t heard you talk about that,” which we did yesterday. Or Boehner. These unions, the left-wing Democrat groups are targeting us. They’re targeting you and me. This has nothing to do, in the end, with Scott Walker or John Boehner or Mitch McConnell or Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan. It has everything to do with us, folks. It has to do with our lives, it has to do with our taxes, it has to do with our liberty and freedom.



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