Wisconsin Idea: Deem Bill Passed

CALLER: You know what’s going on here, and my question to you is: Couldn’t our State Senate just “deem” the bill passed and send it to the governor?

RUSH: Well, it would be fun to threaten to do that — you know, just to ram it up some bodily orifices of the Democrats.

CALLER: It happened in the House.

RUSH: It happened in the House. They were gonna just “deem” it to be passed. They eventually didn’t. They eventually backed off. Who was it? “Nostrilitis” Waxman eventually did. You know, an adult had to step in there and say, “Look, we’re not gonna ‘deem’ anything to have passed.” They threatened it, though. That was one of their techniques. They would have done it if they had to to get it done.



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