What Kind of Middle East Does President Obama Want to See?

All of the rabble-rousing young Arab men that you see on television — be it in Egypt or maybe Libya — they’re just bored, young Arab men who got nothing to do. Saudi Arabia imports their labor, these guys got nothing to do, and they just hunker down and love to get on television. They just love to go throw rocks. “They may not be affiliated with anything,” is his point, right? They have no affiliation to anything at all.

They’re just trying to get themselves on TV. So it may not be accurate to say that every big time movement you see on TV is made up of ideologues committed to it. It could be just a bunch of young guys saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m on TV,” which we know exists here. It’s called the Jerry Springer show and American Idol. E! Entertainment, MTV, you name it. We have our own vehicles here for people who want to get on television.



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