We Keep Spending More, Yet Our Education System Just Gets Worse

Doesn’t everybody know that there is a direct correlation between spending money and the quality of education? That’s why US students lead the world in economic achievement, right? There’s obviously this correlation. We keep spending more money. We keep hearing that we’re not investing enough money in education so we keep spending more and more money. We need more and more pensions and more and more health benefits, and we have more and more increasing salaries, and all that. Yeah, and, boy, we’re really getting a big bang for that buck, aren’t we? … Except that we aren’t. How come nobody ever thinks to ask exactly who are the public sector unions “organized” against?

We always hear about “union organizers,” and we always think (and I touched on this last week) that unions are organized against “These eeevil, mean, rotten, fat cat, cigar smoking, country club-member, private-jet flying CEOs, and that these are cutthroat people and they not only would looove if they could see these union guys starve to death, these are the same people love to kill their customers! That’s what the left would have you to believe about corporate America: “They kill their customers. They feed ’em poisonous food! They sell them poisonous products! They serve them dangerous, deadly drugs,” all of this rotgut that we get. Well, okay, who are the public sector unions “organized” against? Isn’t it against us, taxpayers?



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