Trump Lawyer: Only Buildings Named After Obama are in Africa

Donald Trump, as you know, continues to stir this pot about where Obama was born. Now, to be fair, Trump says (summarized) “I know he was born in America but I don’t know why he won’t prove it. Why won’t he prove it?” So Trump issued a birth certificate it happen turned out it was not the official one. So they had to go back and Trump found his official birth certificate, released that. One of Trump’s lawyers said, “That was all silly anyway. Everybody knows Trump is from New York. Look at all the buildings in New York named after the Trumps.” The lawyer then said, “You have to go to Africa to find buildings named after Obama.” (laughing) Is that not priceless? “You gotta go to Africa to find buildings named after Obama.”

What is this? Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. You ever heard of this? It’s in Dallas. The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. What is one of the courses, how to eat hamburgers without your wife finding out? Let’s see here. The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy will open to students in grades six through nine in August of this year. Two years in the planning, the school will offer a small focused learning environment where young men are prepared for leadership roles in school, the community, and society. They named a leadership school after Obama? (laughing) What chutzpah. The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas. (interruption) Will the students have to show proof of ID to get in? Sure. Well, I would think so. They will be required to complete a technology-based project and a community service project every year as part of the curriculum at the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. Find out about this. I have a brief little blurb here about it, but I want to know who owns this? I’ll get all the details on it.



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