Third Party Looms Over the GOP

Third party. That’s what will happen. The Tea Party will throw out, in nominating fights, the people they think are not up to snuff — and if that doesn’t work, eventually they’re gonna go third party. I think what everybody misunderstands about this Tea Party business — and I think it’s one of the reasons why it’s resented, and I think one of the reasons that the intelligentsia on both sides has problems with Palin (’cause she’s associated with it) — is that the Tea Party doesn’t have a leader. It’s not of Washington. It’s not of Yale. It’s not of Harvard. It is not of Brown or Temple or Trinity or any of these other places.

It’s right out there in good, old-fashioned grassroots — and if you want to kill the Tea Party, there’s no one person to go to the kill it. You gotta kill principles. You’ve gotta wipe out total ideas. That constitutes a threat. So there’s no real getting rid of the Tea Party when you boil it all down. So the Tea Party is… I mean, they do have some fundraising arms. I know this because I get the spam e-mail from ’em (and I say that with great affection) but look at Wisconsin. They haven’t slackened off, their passion hasn’t wavered. Their expectations are just as high as ever, and if they’re not met, they have come to life and organized on the basis of real events and real principle.



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