Think About What We’re Up Against (And Why We Could Still be Losing)

How do we stop Obama breaking the Constitution? And it raises an interesting point. Michael Walsh had a piece in the New York Post over the weekend that hit the nail on the head in many ways, and it’s something that all of us have thought, but had a difficult time verbalizing. We’ve taken stabs at it, and I could have taken total credit for this myself, but… (laughing) No, seriously, we play by two different sets of rules, Republicans and Democrats. Wisconsin’s a great example. We did everything by the book. We had a clean campaign. We went out, we elected a governor, he campaigned on some issues, one of them was redoing the way arrangements are made with public sector unions, lieutenant governor got elected, and we won the Senate on that basis. We did it by the book. The guys on the left do not play by those rules. They’ve got a flawed judge, and there’s a great piece, some conservative blog has posted — I got ten seconds to wrap this up and I’m not gonna be able to obviously finish it now in five seconds. But don’t miss this summation because this really does tell us what we’re up against and why we still may be losing this.

This judge that shut down the Wisconsin law last week. The blog is about the fact that she has a son or a son-in-law, some family member who is an SEIU activist. This county judge shut down the law, temporary restraining order, the TRO, under false premises. She’s a pure activist liberal. And this blog tries to make the case of why this judge is in trouble and why the Democrats are in trouble because of what she’s done in Wisconsin. And they’re not! It’s not just this blog. I can remember countless times over the last I don’t know how many years reading that Clinton was in trouble legally because he was doing this or that, and he wasn’t.



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