The Time to Cut Spending is Now

My fellow conservatives,

Last November, voters sent a clear signal to Congress: cut spending and get our government in order. As we watch the current debate in Washington over how to fund the government for the rest of 2011, it is clear that some heard the voters’ message and others are flatly ignoring it. The House of Representatives took decisive action and passed a bill cutting $61 billion from the status quo. President Obama and his Senate allies insist on irresponsibly choosing to do practically nothing.

Indeed, to force Americans into accepting the spending habits that have led to the crisis we face, liberals and their interest groups are trying to scare us with visions of a “government shutdown” that will deprive us of government services.

Do not buy any of this. What they seek is clear—to sap the resolve of those in Congress who want to carry out the mandate they were given at the elections: to cut spending and keep America strong.



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