The Obama Doctrine: 2012 or Bust

My friends, I have an entirely different take on this speech last night. I don’t know how entirely different it is, now that I think about it. I look at some of the stuff I have in one of my stacks here, various media analyses. I think it’s an incorrect thing to look at Obama’s speech last night as a foreign policy speech. I think it’s a mistake to look at it as a speech on Libya and the war or “kinetic military activity.” He didn’t say “war.” I think the only proper way to look at this speech last night was as a campaign speech for 2012. This was a speech designed exclusively for domestic political consumption. This was not a speech about military policy. It was not a speech about foreign policy. It was a speech that Obama waited to give until he had a pretty good idea in his mind of the lay of the land. It was a speech that was given just like pretty much all of Obama’s speeches, a speech in which he’s jockeying for position. It’s all about making him look good. The key to this speech last night was the president of the United States told a known coward, Moammar Khadafy, that the world would be better off if he weren’t part of it.

Now, Obama made a great point about, we’re not gonna do this militarily, but we want him gone. And the rest of the world wants him gone. I knew that I was right when I saw and heard Obama rip into both Bush 43 and Clinton. When he starts talking about how long it took in Iraq, eight years, which it actually didn’t. This is where he’s wrong. Regime change in Iraq took, what, a couple days? We got rid of Saddam Hussein within two days of moving in there, much faster than Obama has gotten rid of Khadafy. Obama wants to make it look like Khadafy’s gonna go. It all hinges on Khadafy quitting. All of this, this speech last night totally hinges on Khadafy quitting. And, folks, if he does, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if Khadafy decides in the next two weeks, month, whatever, to go into exile, you’re gonna have the biggest victory speech that Washington’s ever thrown, and it’s all gonna be about how great Obama’s diplomacy, power of persuasion, how great his words are. Why, all it took was one speech, nine days late, but when Obama finally rolled up his sleeves and got involved, Khadafy finally heard the message and he’s gone. It won’t matter who replaces Khadafy. It could be the Muslim Brotherhood; could be Osama bin Laden. It won’t matter because it’s gonna take a while. And by the time that happens it will all be forgotten.



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