See, I Told You So: Obama Regime Subsidizes Brazilian Oil Drilling

I got hold of Koko today, our webmaster. I said, “I’ve had it with this. I want you to go back to the website and I want you to find as many examples as you can of me talking about Obama supporting with money the Brazilian oil industry.”

There’s a post at National Review Online, and nothing against Mr. Hayward here, Steven Hayward, National Review Online: “Credit Where Credit Is Due.” This is a post at NRO crediting the Washington Post. “The Post lead house editorial notes Obama’s incomprehensible remarks in Brazil supporting more offshore drilling there … while still opposing it here at home.” Well, you people in this audience have known about this for two years. We have been telling you, I have been telling you about Obama’s in bed, under the sheets relationship with Petrobras, George Soros, and Brazil, about the drilling. Koko found August 24th, 2009, about a year and a half ago. (paraphrasing) “Last week the regime announced $2 billion for Brazil to help them drill for oil. The company that’s getting the money, the largest stakeholder, George Soros.” So two things are happening here, we are handcuffing ourselves in terms of our own energy exploration and development and discovery and use. At the same time we’re helping another country, in this case a Democrat contributor, Soros.



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