Scott Walker and Taxpayers Win

You notice all the stories about how the Wisconsin capital of Madison is now eerily quiet after the Assembly vote yesterday. Eerily quiet. It’s clear that the Organizing for America crowd and the union thugs are not gonna waste any more money on a lost cause. So, voila! All of these hardworking, middle-class families have just magically disappeared — and now we’re hearing all this talk about recalls. Not for the Democrat senators who ran away and hid rather than do their jobs. No, we’re hearing about recalls for the Republican senators who did their jobs. But recalls involve getting names on petitions, which is what the unions like the SEIU and the groups like ACORN and Organizing for America do best.

So I just want you to remember: Now that quiet has taken over in Madison, Wisconsin, don’t forget the pictures. Remember. When you see these spittle-flecked, red-faced, crazily ranting protesters, remember those pictures. These are the same people who can normally be found in the classrooms indoctrinating your crumb crunchers, and you are paying them to indoctrinate your crumb crunchers. They may not all have been teachers in Wisconsin. They might have been bused in from elsewhere, but that’s who they are. I noticed how many of these protesters were carrying signs about “freedom,” which is ironic because what they were doing was trying to prevent anyone from having a choice about whether they have to join a union or not in order to teach in public schools.



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