Revolt! Most House Repubs buck leadership on debt limit

In the first major survey of House Republicans’ attitudes toward raising the debt limit, more than half say they are committed to opposing more borrowing and only 23 of 241 take their leadership’s position that approving more borrowing past the $14.3 trillion limit is essential.

The survey was conducted by WND through calls and e-mails to the offices of members and, when direct responses were not forthcoming, public statements made by the officials were used.

The results are staggering in their lopsidedness, because it takes only 218 votes in the Republican-controlled House to block any effort to raise the debt limit – an action that would precipitate the most drastic cuts in federal government programs in modern history.

A total of 122 House Republicans are already committed to opposing any additional hike in the debt limit, while 54 others says they would do so with conditions – most of which include spending cuts or a balanced budget. An additional 42 members say they are undecided.



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