He can’t dare identify the rebels that we were supporting. They have Al-Qaeda connections if they’re not Al-Qaeda directly. I was just asking Snerdley during the break so I’ll ask you: If you watched Obama’s speech, were any of your questions answered last night? No. They weren’t. I mean, the speech was supposed to explain why we are helping the rebels. It was pretty bizarre because he didn’t mention the rebels. He didn’t mention who they are; he didn’t mention what we were doing to help them. He went into George W. Bush platitudes about freedom and America’s role — and he came dangerously close to endorsing American exceptionalism.

That had been causing near heart failure and panic out there on the left. And even as he was speaking, it was reported that the rebels were executing unarmed Khadafy loyalists, which is the same thing that Obama claimed Khadafy’s troops would do if they had the chance. They were doing what Obama claimed they would do if they had the chance, but that his humanitarian effort was stopping. So that’s why we had to intervene, to prevent such a massacre (which was already happening). Why is it okay for the rebels to kill people and not Khadafy’s forces? Is it somehow more humane when the rebels kill people? Yeah, because we’re on the side of the rebels.

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