Recycling is a Meaningless Scam

Folks, the libtards are just — I found this out earlier — infuriated with me. Remember the call we got yesterday? I thought it was a great call. It wasn’t even my idea. I mean, I wish I could claim credit, but I can’t. It was a caller who called and said, “Rush, I got a question here. The Japanese, more than anybody else, have done everything they can to save the planet. They gave us the Prius, the electric cars and so forth, and what did Gaia do? Gaia wipes ’em out! You got the tsunami, you got the earthquake, the nuclear problems, and all those cars and the places they were made got swamped. Boy, Gaia has no respect here for the efforts the Japanese have made to save her.”

So we repeated what the guy said, chuckled about it, and the Hollywood Reporter has a story (laughing), first off, how I am terribly insensitivity for mocking Diane Sawyer for her discovery of recycling and then quoting the caller talking about Gaia. The libtards… I am told that the Twitter universe is afire with libtards screaming about me for being insensitive and so forth about all the suffering over there. (sigh) We need to get that Diane Sawyer sound bite from yesterday. Folks, look, here’s — remember, now: “Great minds, ideas. Average minds events. Small minds, people.” Uh, we’ve got a country over there that is in some death throes. We’ve got earthquakes which led to tsunamis which is leading to all kinds of nuclear problems.



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