While President Obama fills out his March Madness bracket, the rest of the world is scrambling to fill the void in leadership. Glenn felt like he was in Bizzaro World on radio this morning as he tried to figure out how France became the voice of global authority.

Remember how Glenn has said that a year from now you won’t recognize America? It seems like that prediction is starting to come true.

“I want to tell you about the U.N. Security Council. They voted last night to now okay a no‑flyover zone. To do that, you have to take out the air defenses of Libya. We are basically, in many ways, declaring war in Libya,” Glenn said.

“You must go in and take those things out. If I would have told you a year ago, six months ago, that France would be leading the way along with the UK and that France would be saying ‘I can’t even understand America. What are they doing?’ And France is beginning the bombing today, would you have said I was crazy?” Glenn asked.

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