Obama vs. NRA

NRA leader Wayne LaPierre is refusing to meet with Obama over gun control, and now Obama must be losing sleep over it, as he seems to be in a 24/7 daze. What does Glenn think of the emerging fight over the second amendment?

“Yesterday I asked, has the president been hit with a tranquilizer dart?” Glenn said as he started the show. Obama’s been pretty quiet lately on Libya, Japan, the entire Middle East, and our increasingly perilous economy. In fact, the only thing the President seems to have time for is his March Madness bracket (he picked all number one seeds, pretty basic bracket).

“So what is he working on? Well, he has come to the conclusion that we need more gun control,” Glenn explained.

“Pat, is this a reasonable, centrist, loving, caring, protecting, almost fatherly kind of legislation that he is proposing,” Glenn asked.



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