Obama says race ‘key component’ with Tea Party

On radio this morning, Glenn addressed some recent comments from President Obama regarding race, his presidency, and the Tea Party.

Pat explained, “Apparently he sat down with this guy who wrote a book and there’s some interesting quotes. He talked about Americans since the victories of the Civil Rights Movement I think have broadly come to accept the notion that everybody has to be treated equally. Everybody has to be treated fairly.”

“He goes on, but then the next paragraph is obviously it’s hard for me to engage in a mind experiment and say, well, if I weren’t African‑American, would I feel less strongly about it or more strongly about it. I know I feel strongly about it. do. I do come to this issue with some personal experiences that are unlike any other previous president’s. Then in a more candid moment Walsh, the author of the book notes, Obama admitted that race is still an issue for him in many ways. ” Pat said reading Obama comments.

“In a more candid moment Walsh notes Obama admitted that race is still an issue for him in many ways, suggesting it was a key component in the growing Tea Party movement,” Pat said.



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