Obama Regime Dumps Libyan Ball of Confusion on Mrs. Clinton, NATO

Mrs. Clinton, secretary of state, had the press corps waiting a long time yesterday afternoon for a new announcement on Libya. Wolf Blitzer waited and waited and waited, and I don’t think that it happened while his shift was taking place. He waited and waited and waited. Poor Mrs. Clinton, they’ve dumped all of this on her. They have. I mean it looks like she’s getting a 3 a.m. phone call every night.

Mrs. Clinton last night in Washington announcing, “Okay, okay, we’re out of this. NATO’s taking over the no-fly zone.” Now, NATO interestingly said, “Well, we’re not totally.” It’s still a ball of confusion. The bottom line is, it’s still a mass of confusion, and this was for public consumption. She didn’t take any questions. She made the press wait longer than Liz Taylor did. You know Liz Taylor showed up 15 minutes late for her own funeral? By design. That’s what Hollywood stars do. The hearse showed up 15 minutes late, by design, and Hillary made the press wait longer than Liz Taylor’s guests



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