Obama Locked Out of Oval Office

Well, I see Obama’s visiting the United States again, at least this week. That’s very nice. He’s been gone so much he couldn’t get into the Oval Office. Did you see this? They locked him out. He’s walking around the Rose Garden entrance trying to get in a couple doors. No, seriously, he’s locked out and the excuse given was they didn’t know he was coming in. How do you not know that the president is coming in? Jeez.

Now, folks, this business of Obama being locked out of the Oval Office, there is a precedent. Remember the esteemed, (ahem), the renowned Harvard professor Skip Gates returned home from Burger King or someplace and was locked out of his own house and was slinking around trying to get in there? An ever-observant Cambridge neighbor saw it, called the cops. The cop walked in, essentially arrested Gates, and we needed a “beer summit” to sort this all out. (chuckles) So it’s just a good thing… Obama’s not been in the country much lately. It’s a good thing he was recognized. Can you imagine if the president of the United States had been arrested trying to get into the Oval Office? He didn’t have a key, obviously. Can you imagine what woulda happened? They had to run around and had to find out, “Well, who locked him out of here?” And wouldn’t it have been hilarious if it had been Biden?



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