Mrs. Clinton Praises Al Jazeera, Calling it Real News

The latest story on what’s going on in Libya, a Reuters story: Rebels on the ground are begging George Bush to do something about it! (laughing) I kid you not. Now, it’s a long story. It’s not in the headline. You have to dig halfway down or even further in the story. The headline of this story is: “Gaddafi Bombs Oil Areas, Faces Crimes Probe.” That’s page one. You go to page two, really small font here. There’s this: “Opposition activists called for a no-fly zone, echoing a demand by Libya’s deputy U.N. envoy, who now opposes Gaddafi. ‘Bring Bush! Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes,’ shouted soldier-turned-rebel Nasr Ali, referring to a no-fly zone imposed on Iraq in 1991 by then U.S. President George Bush. Italy said it was preparing for a potential mass exodus of migrants escaping turmoil in North Africa after a rise in flows of illegal immigrants from Tunisia…”

So they’re clamoring for the Bushes. They’re clamoring for the Bushes. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s out there saying, “Yeah, al-Jazeera is the real news. Al-Jazeera is really good.” Here’s Hillary. Audio sound bite number 12. Yesterday afternoon in Washington (“Warshington,” for those of you in Rio Linda). It was a Senate foreign operations subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and there’s a Q&A, Ron Johnson (Republican-Wisconsin), said, “I totally agree with you about the power of information. I’d like to have your evaluation in terms of the priority of our information initiative. I mean, what are the components that you want to most emphasize in that region, the Middle East, of the world?”



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