Mortgage Broker: The Feds Determine How Much I Can Earn

Folks, what this mortgage banker, the mortgage broker from St. Louis was describing is a command economy, and it’s what Obama wants for everybody and everything. We’ve talked about it in different terminology here, but the idea that we’re gonna spread misery, we’re gonna spread equality, we’re gonna redistribute wealth, we’re gonna make sure the rich are taken down, social justice. In this case the way it’s justified is that why should somebody get rich off of the pain somebody has to go through repaying a mortgage? Why should somebody get rich doing that? This is just under the nose of the tent that is the command economy that Obama wants for everybody.

It’s like every other command economy, some people are gonna get more social justice than others. Some people are gonna be preferred. Whoever Obama and his minions think are the most disadvantaged or the most taken advantage of, or what have you, and I guarantee you, if you have any position, if your job is in any way considered management or executive, you are going to pay for it. And then iin your position, in management or as an executive, you are taking advantage as the mortgage industry clearly does just by definition, according to Obama. Obama looks at it, why should somebody make money off of a loan? I guarantee you he looks at it that way. Why should somebody make any money off a loan? You’ve got a house, why should somebody go broke having a house? Why should the person who makes the loan get rich? I guarantee you this is how he looks at it. Social justice. That is how Sharia law sees it. Damn right it is, Snerdley, it’s exactly how Sharia law sees it. Interest is sinful. Financial interest, making money off of money is sinful. Andy McCarthy, my old buddy, says if you want to know how Libya is gonna end up, learn Sharia law. Sharia law will tell us where Libya is headed. Sharia law will tell us where Egypt is headed. Sharia law will tell us where all of the Middle East is headed. It just takes the courage to believe it.



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