Libs Roiled That It’s the Women of Obamaville Who Have the Gonads

Now, if you are in the regime, if you are Samantha Power, Susan Rice, or Hillary Clinton, and you’re part of the group taking this seriously. If I can find out that the rebels are linked to Al-Qaeda, certainly they can. What do you think the challenge would be for them in the White House? Remember, now, everything’s focused through the prism of reelection. All of this is about 2012, make no mistake. Everything they’re doing is about 2012. That’s why it’s on the fly. That’s why there isn’t a contingency. Everything is through that prism. And the way liberals see things, okay, here’s a madman, Moammar Khadafy, wiping out his own people. We have pictures on television about it. The American people are saying, “It’s horrible, it’s horrible, it’s enough, enough. We don’t want to see it. We don’t support leaders who are running around killing their own people,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, that’s one thing. Then here comes the human rights, Meals on Wheels aspect of the Obama foreign policy, but we find out that the people trying to overthrow Khadafy happen to be friends with Osama Bin Laden.

So what do we do now? And the question becomes, is there anybody in this regime, anything other than a faculty lounge theoretician who could answer that question? And where’s the Muslim Brotherhood in all this? You know they’re lurking around and they’re lurking around in Egypt, and we know that is the objective of militant jihadists, to have Sharia throughout the Middle East. Now we learn, as I pointed out, there’s a good possibility that the rebels are Al-Qaeda, either Al-Qaeda sponsored, paid for, whatever. Now what do we do? We’ve made this case Khadafy’s a rotten SOB, he’s gotta go but, oh, no, he doesn’t. Why the change? Why the change? What can Robert Gates say? “Well, we just figured out here the people we’re supporting are Al-Qaeda.” We can’t say that. We can’t say that the people we’re launching Tomahawk missiles for and do this no-fly zone are Al-Qaeda. We can’t say that, so what do we do? Meanwhile, it’s left to the theoreticians inside the White House, placing themselves back in the faculty lounge at Harvard, what would they do if this came up when somebody else was in the White House, and now they’re there trying to devise a strategy.



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