Latest on Japanese Nuke Crisis

Yesterday I read to you latest updates on the nuclear situation in Japan from the Nuclear Energy Institute. Today we have a story here from Bryan Preston from The Tatler, which is an update of what’s going on at Fukushima from the International Atomic Energy Agency. “It’s far less alarming than some of what we’re hearing in the media. … ‘Important things to note — worst evaluation is now level 5, equal to Three Mile Island, “spent fuel” pond in reactor 4 building temp measured again at 84°C i.e. no boiling [and] the IAEA HAS NOT been notified of any radiation sickness, unlike what has been reported in the press.'” Now, a lot of people think there’s some lying going on to avoid panic.

Other people think that there’s hysteria going on in the media. Probably a little bit of both, given the players involved. We know the media is oriented toward hysteria, and we know that government agencies tend to lie. So, there’s a combination of things are happening here. However, we do know that the worst evaluation of Fukushima is level 5, and stories now… I had that New York Times story for you yesterday (which I said was the first accurate one I’d seen) that the problem is in old fuel rods, spent fuel rods sitting around in pools of water. They shouldn’ta been there, should have been cleaned out, should have been moved out.



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