Is Public Opinion in Wisconsin Really Turning Against Walker?

Did you see this? Wisconsin senate Democrat leader has asked for a meeting with the governor of Wisconsin on the Illinois border? For crying out loud! A single Democrat has offered to meet with Walker near the DMZ, the demilitarized zone, the Wisconsin-Illinois border! (laughing) I love it. I love it.

From the New York Times: “Talks to Resolve Wisconsin Battle Falter.” Fred Risser, one of 14 Democrats who left Wisconsin last month to prevent the Senate from approving the collective bargaining measure, “said it now seemed conceivable that he and his fellow Democrats would return to Wisconsin at some point without a negotiated ” settlement. One, single Democrat… (laughing) Folks, they’ve asked Walker to come alone. This — this one Democrat Senator has asked to meet with Walker near the DMZ, the Wisconsin-Illinois border, and they want him to come alone. I mean, if this doesn’t sound like a good old-fashioned Mafia ambush I don’t know what it is. Talk about “gangster government.” Now, this New York Times story is (as is everything in the New York Times) curious and questionable.



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