The White House has just Twittered the following: “Join a special Facebook live video discussion on how to stop bullying now,” and they’ve got a website, a link. Ladies and gentlemen, this is really troublesome to me. Remember, now, we had quite an eloquent, lengthy discussion on the horrible portends of the news yesterday that 35% of the American people receive their financial compensation in the form of welfare transfer payments, essentially from their neighbors, and that’s a number that’s growing. And we were told, “Hey, no big deal. That ain’t bad. It’s 44% in Europe.” Yeah, well, the Europeans are reversing field.

We can’t sustain it. We’re heading in their direction. This 33%, 35% is before the full implementation of the unconstitutional Obamacare. Thirty-five percent. Now, where’s the bullying take place? Where is everybody concerned about it? It’s the school ground, right? It’s the schoolyard. Would somebody please now, in all honesty, somebody explain why this is a matter of concern for the White House, anybody in it? You look at what’s going on in this country and around the world, would somebody explain to me…? You want to talk about bullying, how about what went on in Libya? How about what went on in Cairo? How about what’s going on in Iran? This nation used to stand up to international bullies!

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