Humanitarian? We’re at War in Libya to Protect European Oil

First, the president of the United States locked out of the White House. After his vacation plans changed he comes home early. He came home early to find his NCAA brackets in tatters. Then he sees his secretaries of state and defense are not on the same page as to why we’re in Libya. Did you see this on Meet the Press yesterday? Gates says (paraphrasing) “No, there aren’t any vital US national interests –” and Hillary jumps in, cuts him off and not another word is heard from Gates the rest of the show. What is the term I heard over the weekend, hawk hens. The Obama hawk hens, meaning the babes of the — well, the women. Aren’t any real babes in this bunch, but the hawk hens just shut Gates up there. So then Obama has to hastily schedule a national address tonight. By the way, seven and a half hours for Obama to figure out what he’s going to say, 7:30 tonight, big, big remarks from the Oval Office. I’m thinking about doing a Wolf Blitzer here. (imitating Blitzer) “We’re only six hours away now from President Obama and a big announcement on Libya. We’re only five hours and 45 minutes away now,” for the whole show here.

Have you ever noticed, folks, the media is constantly breathless. Each time Obama is going to say something, the media just gets breathless as though his words can mean anything. He’s going at 7:30 tonight to make sure he doesn’t step on Dancing with the Stars, which is at eight o’clock on ABC, but have you ever noticed the media is always waiting breathlessly for Obama to say something, tongues hanging out hitting the street. (panting) They seem to be always living in the hope that Obama will make a pronouncement that will suddenly change everything. You would think that they would have learned by now that they’re always gonna be disappointed, that those days are long gone. There aren’t any magic words. While Obama might speak well, he doesn’t communicate well. He’s a very, very poor communicator. So, anyway, he has got this national address at 7:30 tonight to clean up any of the confusion as to why we’re at war, and, by at way, I now know why we are at war in Libya.



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