Face It: Teachers Run an Easy Money Scam on Fellow Citizens

Remember, we had the audio yesterday, these teachers leading students in an anti-Walker chant, “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Scott Walker’s gotta go!” Can we get rid of the myth once and for all that school teachers, anymore, are these average, ordinary (as Obama wants to say), next-door neighbors who are just doing everything they can to further the educational experience of your children?

That’s not who they are. They are left-wing activists, active members of unions who are oriented first by a political agenda, second by their own well-being, and your kids come last. Can we just get that out in the open? And it’s been apparent since this whole thing started. Now they’re taking these little students and turning them into pawns to advance the union agenda. And it’s all about — I know I’m gonna get in trouble for this but it’s all about — people who know full well that they’re getting a deal their states can’t afford, being paid for by people who aren’t earning half as much as what they are paying these public sector employees.



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