Embarrassing: Politico Drools Over Multitasking Obama at Chile Dinner

This is a disgrace, folks, disguised as performing the duties of commander-in-chief. The only question is: Who looks worse in this, the president or Politico? But the Politico…

You people at the Politico, you know we love you here. You know that we love you, but you gotta be embarrassed publishing this! It’s on their Politico 44 Blog (Obama being president 44): “While eating at an ‘official dinner’ with Chile’s president Monday night, President Obama was updated throughout the meal on the downed American plane in Libya, the White House says. The national security adviser Tom Donilon told Obama of the plane at 7:45 p.m., before the dinner, and kept Obama updated during the ride, telling him that the United States was ‘in touch with the pilots on the ground,’ White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday.



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