Don’t Expect 2012 GOP Nominee to Echo Bachmann’s Attack on Obama

Michele Bachmann was on Meet the Press yesterday and it was interesting. She decided she had some things to say regardless what the questions were. In fact, it was a lesson in how Republicans ought to behave on these programs rather than accept the premise, and in this case the host David Gregory puts forward, you go on the show, you have something to say, say it regardless what the questions are. In this case she was trying to sound a warning. This is the second time and she’s the second member of Congress to do this. About two to three weeks ago Steve King from Iowa pointed out that hidden in Obamacare Pelosi and Reid had snuck in a provision that spends $105 billion every year implementing the bill. “What do you mean, $105 billion to implement the bill?” Exactly. It’s just $105 billion of slush fund spending. And it was one of those things, nobody knew what was in the bill, was 2,200 pages, one of those things nobody knew was in it until it was passed, like Pelosi said, “We gotta pass this thing to find out what’s in it.”

So you’ll recall when Steve King first brought this up and it was part of the original effort to repeal the bill, he ran into some obstacles at the Republican leadership not wanting to deal with this and target this provision. Remember the argument here was, is the House leadership gonna go after the meat here, or they gonna be true to the rules of the House that they had set up? Remember the leadership of the House thinks that you, the voters, want them to abide by the rules because you the voters are very much aware how the Democrats did not abide by the rules that they themselves wrote when they ran the House from 2006 to the present, until last November. And so the House leadership said, “We’re gonna obey the rules, and what King wants to do is take that $105 billion, is not part of the rules, we can’t do it.” So they shot him down. Michele Bachmann is trying to bring it back up, trying to alert everybody that it exists. And, by the way, it all revolves around a potential government shutdown and this advance appropriation of $105 billion in the health care bill.



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