Chris Christie Hits the Entitlement Mentality Right Between the Eyes

Last night in Trenton, New Jersey, Chris Christie appeared on the radio, Ask the Governor show, and he spoke with a caller Penny in Blackwood. She said, “I would like to know why you want to take at least 13% out of state employees’ pay for health care. Between what my husband and I make, you’re talking about $600 a month out of our money which is gonna cut into our food and our other bills. How do you expect us to live, governor?”

Here’s Governor Christie, he hit this woman right between the eyes. Your neighbors are paying for it! They can’t afford it anymore. You are paying less for your health care than they are paying for theirs and they’re paying you more than they earn, and we’re broke, and I can’t raise their taxes anymore because they’re paying most of the taxes. Nobody has probably talked to this woman like this before. But this is where we are with this.



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