Bill Ayers: I Wrote Obama’s Book

I want to play you a sound bite from last Thursday. Bill Ayers, Obama’s terrorist buddy, was in Montclair, New Jersey at Montclair State University at a Students for a Democratic Society event. Bill Ayers, the former Weather Underground leader, and I’m gonna play this without comment. We’ll throw this in the mix with Reverend Wright and Calypso Louie and you can just have whatever fun with it you want. An unidentified student at Mr. Ayers’ appearance, “What is your opinion of Barack Obama’s style as a writer?”

Now, this is the second time that Ayers has said that he wrote Dreams from My Father. That’s Obama’s first book. (imitating Ayers) “Yeah, the first book’s quite good. I wrote it. The second book, it’s a hack book, a political hack book. If you could help me prove it, I’ll split the royalties with you.” Class laughs. Some people believe it. I’ll tell you why they believe it, because Ayers is part of the group that’s very unhappy that Obama is waging war in Libya; that we’re not out of Guantanamo Bay; that we’re not out of Iraq, and that we added to Afghanistan. So I play this for you so that you can be your own judge. I think Ayers happens to be tweaking everybody with this, because the accusation’s out there. There’s no question Ayers is a better writer than Obama is. But the allegation’s been out there that Ayers wrote the first book, or maybe even both of them, so any time he mentions it now, it’s almost like a joke.



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