Now, I had a lot of people — and I made mention of this earlier — worried here that we’re losing the headline battle out of Wisconsin, we’re losing the headline war on Twitter and Facebook and, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if they were telling the truth about our victory (crying).” This is coming from people on our side. So we aim to please here at the EIB Network.

We have scoured the so-called mainstream media and we have found somebody who believes that the Democrats might be in trouble in the way they are behaving themselves. And that would be the Huffing and Puffington Post senior writer Howard Fineman, who appeared on PMSNBC last night with Lawrence O’Donnell, who’s already talking about quitting the network. He is. (imitating Fineman) “I can’t see myself doing this more than three years. Are you kidding? It’s much easier writing fiction for The West Wing.” Lawrence O’Donnell said to Howard Fineman, “Howard, the Governor has already paid a price in Wisconsin polling. Polling turned against him. But did he just become a possible leading contender for the Republican Presidential inauguration since this Republican achievement in Wisconsin is something that was being cheered strongly by national Republicans?”

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