Barack Obama, Citizen of World, is Undoing American Sovereignty

All right, it’s all shaping up now, folks. New York Times: “Allied Leaders Agree Khadafy Must Be Removed.” So wait nine days, get the lay of the land, give the speech last night, then everybody goes out today and says, “Yep, Khadafy’s gonna go. Khadafy’s gotta go.” The path to the White House in 2012 goes through Tripoli, Libya. Obama has staked his reelection here, a large part of it, on “Khadafy has to go. Khadafy will go.” I’m just, again, warning you that you’re gonna get depressed as hell when you see the media treatment of this when it happens. I don’t want you to get depressed.

I want you to understand what’s happening, and that’s why I’m telling you. Now, Obama is setting in place a new precedent all of a sudden, respecting our foreign policy and our military. And I don’t mean he respects them. He’s setting a new place, new terms, if you will: All roads first go through the UN. That’s another reason to wait nine days. All roads go through the UN, NATO, what have you. Look for more of this. And then you turn the operations over to another coalition. What Obama is doing here is multitasking. He is undoing our sovereignty while at the same time setting up the table to take personal credit for the eventual overthrow of Khadafy.



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