As the World Burns, President Obama Fills Out His NCAA Bracket

Where’s Obama? Where is Obama? I’m still amazed at how utterly out of it Obama is. Where is he? Has he checked out, is he sick? Are his handlers busy in other parts of the world?

Get this. Mrs. Clinton has met with Libyan rebel leaders in Paris. Now, it’s safe to do that, I figure, now that the revolution against Khadafy is safely lost. Khadafy’s probably gonna win this or has won, so now it’s safe to go meet with the rebel leaders, probably trying to arrange a place for ’em to live, Paris, Miami, LA. LA looks a lot like Libya, certain parts of it. I’ve been there. I have seen it. You’ve got that going on. I mean it’s baffling. His handlers are busy in other parts of the world and unable to give him direction?

What’s going on? He’s acting like a child. The big news about Obama today is that he is going to tape his NCAA bracket picks today to be aired on ESPN tomorrow. I mean that’s the news, and that’s from our good buddy Jacob Tapper at ABC News. The world anxiously awaits President Obama’s revelation of his NCAA basketball brackets. The important work of being president will be broadcast tomorrow.



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