A Really Big See, I Told You So: Obama Keeps Club Gitmo Open

Holy cow, folks. Barack Obama is morphing into Dick Cheney on Gitmo. I can’t tell the difference between the two now. Barack Obama, Dick Cheney on Club Gitmo. I’ll tell you what. Obama owes Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld an apology here. And I am due a lot of huzzahs. I am due a lot of attaboys. I am due a lot of, “Way to call it, Rush,” on this whole Gitmo business.

I’ll tell you what, folks, watch now for the uptick in terrorist recruiting all around the world. Remember Obama said that Gitmo and Biden, the Democrats all said that Club Gitmo was one of the largest terror recruitment things that we could have done. Keeping it open, why, it just shows how unfair we are.

Remember all that talk about America denying its own values? I never got so damn sick of hearing a bunch of drivel as I heard about how America was sacrificing its values or diluting its values by having Club Gitmo open as a prison and all it was doing was recruiting terrorists. Obama said he’s not gonna close it now. He said he wasn’t gonna close it. I want to take you back to January 16th. This was even before he had the signing ceremony with Greg Craig. Now, if you remember the signing ceremony had an executive order announcing that Gitmo would be closed within the next 12 months. And he’s reading the executive order, and he gets lost in the process of reading it, and there’s some things he’s reading he doesn’t obviously understand, so he turns to Greg Craig, the White House counsel at the time who actually wrote the executive order, “What do we mean by that here, Greg?” And Craig steps in and explains what Obama means. “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, so we’re gonna close it, executive order,” and January 16th is before the immaculation. January 16th is before Gitmo, before Obama’s inaugurated. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I said on January 16th.



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