Will the Education Brotherhood Take Over the State of Wisconsin?

The president of the AFSCME (which is the largest union in Wisconsin) Gerald McEntee makes $480,000 a year plus expenses. That’s the union thug leader. Okay, the union leader. That’s the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. These are the little guys. You want to start talking about the Trumkas and the Bolsheviks and that crowd you’re talking a lot more than that. So there are doctors in Madison now handing out phony sick notes to the protesting teachers. What’s gonna be fun… (laughing) These Democrat senators when they get back, whenever they get back, however they’re brought back, they’ll have fake notes from doctors, too.

“Hey, my absence has been excused!” Even the head of the teachers union in Wisconsin has called on ’em to go back to work. Now, if that’s happened… You heard about that, didn’t you, Snerdley? What do you think that means? (interruption) That’s exactly right. That means they have some polling data that must be telling them how regular people have turned against them on this if the union leader is telling you, “You’d better get back to work.” So we’re asking ourselves, “Will the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt?” and in America we’re asking, “Will the Education Brotherhood take over Wisconsin?” Check the news, folks, because they’re sure trying.



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