Why are We Still Debating the Void, Unconstitutional Obamacare Law?

The Republicans are planning on defunding Obamacare. That’s gonna happen next week when they start voting. It’s similar to how the members of Congress defunded the Vietnam War when they couldn’t convince the administration to simply declare victory and get out of there. We’ve got some sound bites about this. I still am struck by the fact that we’re talking about something now that’s unconstitutional. I know it’s gonna be appealed, and I know it’s gonna end up at the Supreme Court, but still as we sit here today, the law’s been voided. I know they have to go ahead and take votes, try to repeal it, defund it, and all that, but I think every time Obamacare is mentioned, it needs to also be mentioned “the unconstitutional Obamacare.” Put the word out there. It has been voided. We’ve got some sound bites here. The regime is not gonna back off. The regime not gonna compromise on the mandate, requirement that we all buy health insurance or pay a fine if we don’t. That’s the source of the unconstitutionality.

Sam Stein asked a question of Robert Gibbs. He said, “There’s been talk on the Hill about reopening up the individual mandate in health care legislation.” Remember, now, that’s unconstitutional according to the judge. “How firm is the president and the administration’s commitment to that provision, to the mandate, considering that at one point in time he was not supportive of it?”



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