While world burns, White House parties

Well, as the world burns down with riots and protests, the White House was able to find the time to throw yet another party. There must have been an opening on the President’s schedule. Among the guests was John Legend, who has been complaining about getting a tax “break”. Glenn gave his reaction to the story on radio this morning.

“Singer John Legend is very upset. Why? Because he’s a millionaire who got a tax cut. Quote: People fought to give me, a millionaire, a tax cut this year. I don’t need it. And all the other millionaires don’t need it, either,” Glenn said.

“You give away all the money to a charity of your choice. That’s what I do. I give a lot of money to charity. Better yet, give it as a little gift to the U.S. Government. Nobody’s stopping you from writing a bigger check to the U.S. Government. Go ahead. Look it up. The address is online. And give me a call when you’ve made and written that check to the IRS, you dope.”



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