While the Country Goes Bankrupt, Obama Plays Petty Political Games

Have you seen this poll out of CBS News? It’s amazing. Most Americans oppose cutting funding for health care reforms. Do you believe that? I don’t believe it, either. So we dug deep out there. We dug deep in this poll to find out what the samples were, and here you go. There were 1,031 respondents in the sample. The total Republicans: 298; the total Democrats: 345, and the total independents, 388. Folks, you don’t even have to read the article. All you have to do is look at the actual way that this thing has been sampled. It was 28% Republicans, 32% Democrat, and 40% independent, and they didn’t stop there. They weighted the poll to give the Republicans even less of a say, same thing that they always do, and therefore they’re able to come up with a poll result: “Most oppose cutting funding for health care reform.” This is all just a game. Everything in Washington is just a game.

There is a Politico story today: “Has Obama Set GOP Entitlement Trap?” They’re all concerned, is Obama gonna really snooker Boehner here on this budget proposal? Is Obama just gonna play these guys like a Stradivarius? Meanwhile, we are looking at the utter bankruptcy of our country down the road and these people in Washington in the press corps look at this as just a game. “Senior congressional Democrats were plenty nervous on the eve of President Barack Obama’s 2012 budget presentation, fretting that Obama would suddenly gain his nerve and decide to take on the issue … of entitlement reform. They needn’t have worried. White House officials assured their friends on the Hill that Obama wouldn’t broach the subject, Democrats told Politico, and on Monday when he presented his budget the president conspicuously avoided addressing entitlements, despite citing them as the country’s major fiscal problem. … With Obama refusing to offer his own plan for entitlements, congressional Republicans — as the president noted — rushed in to fill the vacuum.” Talking about entitlement cuts. Is this the trap? Has Obama brilliantly outsmarted these guys once again? Oh, oh. The DC press corps so hopes so.



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