What’s the Democrat Strategery?

People’s reaction is the lawlessness. The conservative reaction is, “This is brazenly lawless. Who cares what he has determined he’s not gonna defend. It’s lawless.” There are any number of ways Obama could have done this. He could have, for example, assigned the most inept lawyers in the Justice Department to do these cases when they come up and lose every one of them. He could have done this in a way that nobody would have ever known it. He could have just made sure that this act never amounted to anything by making sure he always lost. In other words, throw the game they go to court with this case in question.

But, no! He makes a big production out of saying, “I am the law. This isn’t because I don’t like it.’ I haven’t seen a whole bunch of social conservatives get distracted from Wisconsin, because that’s as much social as it is economic. It’s what their kids are being taught. So it’s an interesting thought, but if that’s their strategery, it isn’t gonna work. Because the people who are up in arms about it, such as moi, are not up in arms about it because it’s got to do with gay marriage. It’s because it’s lawless. A president does not have this kind of power. That’s why I went through my whole routine.



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