Walker Takes Prank Call from Journalist Posing as David Koch

You probably heard by now (if you haven’t, I’ll tell you about it) the panic call to Scott Walker from a leftist “journalist.” An obscure, wacko, extreme leftist publication, journalist pretended to be David Koch. Now, I know David Koch. Little disclosure here, I know David Koch. I know his brother Charles Koch. The so-called evil Koch brothers are nothing of the sort. They are, as is typical, the exact opposite of the way the Democrats and the media portray them. They’re just like any other people. They have organizations that are designed to influence and shape the country in ways they believe in. They happen to be constitutionalists. They happen to be conservatives.

They happen to have a strict moral code, and they’re very concerned about what’s happening in the country, and they have organizations that defend and protect their beliefs as they relate to the founding of the country. Pure and simple. They come from the Koch petrochemical and oil family from Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch still lives there; Dave Koch lives in New York. David Koch is the man who bought Jacqueline Onassis’ apartment on Fifth Avenue after she died and it was put up for sale. He has since sold it and moved to another place in town, but I’ve met them at charitable events. I have met them at prostate cancer charitable events.



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