Union Thugs Turn Wisconsin into Greece as the Freeloaders Protest

Folks, I don’t think the people in Wisconsin, the unions, the teachers, and some of the protesters, I don’t think they got the memo on civility. Have you seen what’s going on? I mean this is Greece! It’s Greece. All of these people who live off the largesse of taxpayers are just marching in the streets, calling in sick. Schools have been closed in parts of Wisconsin today for fog. There isn’t any. Well, there’s certainly not enough in these areas where it’s been canceled. We have some photos I want to show you from the protests in Wisconsin. Let me turn the Dittocam off while I zoom in here and get this. I don’t want you to see the zoom-in happen.

All right, now this first one is self-explanatory for those of you watching on the Dittocam. “Hosni + Hitler = Dictator Scott Walker.” Scott Walker, the dictator governor of Wisconsin. Okay, that’s one of them. Here’s another one. “Down with dictators, one to go.” That’s a picture of Hosni Mubarak on top there. Let me zoom in even tighter on this one if we can. Down with dictators, one down and one to go. Mubarak in the upper right, Scott Walker, the mayor of Wisconsin in the lower left. I don’t know if Biden has weighed in on whether he’s a dictator or not.



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