The world is changing. Darkness is growing

Glenn’s trip down to NASCAR’s Daytona 500 was peppered with Hollywood stars, directors, and music performers. But perhaps the person Glenn was most excited to have met was the Rev. Billy Graham. Glenn described their meeting on radio this morning.

Last Summer, Glenn had wanted to meet with Rev. Graham as part of his planning for the 8/28 rally. According to Glenn, Billy Graham was probably the only other person who had tried to do something on the scale of what Glenn was hoping to accomplish. However, according to Glenn Rev. Graham and his team did not feel that “the time was right.”

“Two weeks ago as I have been struggling with some ideas and some things that I am working on for the future and I am trying to get clarity again, I thought of Billy Graham. When the phone range and they said the Reverend feels it’s time to meet, I met with him. We had an hour scheduled. It lasted three hours,” Glenn said.

“I didn’t tell you about it in advance out of respect for him,” Glenn said.



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