The Real Reason the Left Wants Public Employees to be Unionized

The reason they want to — and I’m gonna get plastered for this. The truth is the greatest enemy to many people. I’ll back this up with anecdotal story about who are hired to be teachers in some places, but bottom line is the reason that they want to unionize public employees is… (sigh) How can I say this? That’s how you get around having to hire good people, and it’s how you get around not having to get rid of failing or underperforming people, ’cause it’s not about hiring the best. It’s about strength in numbers and loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Unionizing teachers, unionizing state employees is not about better teachers. It’s not about better employees. It’s about more power for the Democrat Party. It’s about institutionalized Democrat Party membership as state and federal workers and employees. How could you get them more loyal to the government than to make ’em union members? That’s all that’s going on here.



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