The Egyptians Understand Obama (Just Ask CNN’s Nic Robertson)

“How Obama Lost the Egyptian People,” in the Washington Post, Marc Thiessen story appears today. Does the headline kind of make you scratch your head, “What do you mean, how Obama lost the Egyptian people?” Hasn’t the template been Obama inspired the Egyptian people? Obama, he stoked ’em, he fired ’em up. Obama gave ’em the keys to that revolution, foreign policy victory for Obama. “The extraordinary scenes in Cairo this past weekend brought back memories of similar scenes on the streets of Warsaw, Prague and Berlin two decades ago. Yet there is one crucial difference between then and now. Unlike the crowds that brought down Marxist regimes in Central Europe, the crowds that brought down the Mubarak regime in Egypt do not believe America stood with them in their struggle for freedom — and many believe we stood against them.” This puts into perspective even better old buddy Nic Robertson from CNN yesterday.

“When the protests first erupted, ordinary Egyptians appeared to hope — almost to expect — that once they rose up to demand their freedom, America could not help but stand with them. Instead, they heard President Obama’s handpicked envoy, Frank Wisner, declare that Hosni Mubarak ‘must stay in office’ to oversee the changes he had ordered. They heard Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declare the United States backed ‘the transition process announced by the Egyptian government’ (which then consisted of Mubarak staying in power until September). And they waited in vain for Obama himself to speak out clearly and align America with the democratic revolution they had set in motion. Soon their hopes gave way to disappointment and eventually anger. Demonstrators began carrying signs that declared ‘Shame on you, Obama!’ and showed Mubarak depicted as Obama in his iconic ‘hope’ image — with a caption that read ‘No You Can’t.'”



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