Survey shows Obama position on Israel at odds with most Americans

A new survey reveals literally hundreds of millions of Americans have a strong affinity for Israel and believe the U.S. should intervene if Israel is attacked by Iran.

The poll for WND by Wenzel Strategies also documents that Christians, especially those who describe themselves as born-again believers, largely hold stronger feelings regarding Israel than do Jews.

The poll, a telephone survey conducted Feb. 9-15 with a resulting margin of error of 3.37 percent, showed 3 in 4 Americans agree with the statement that “Israel is the No. 1 target for destruction of Islamic radicals in the Middle East.”

Fifty-five percent confirmed they agree with the belief that Israel is a “flawed nation-state” but still remains “the apple of God’s eye.”

Nearly the same majority said while Israel seeks peace with its neighbors, “its neighbors are generally unwilling to agree to peace with Israel.”

“This survey gives the unmistakable impression that, in yet another area, President Obama is out of step with the mindset of the American people,” said the analysis from Wenzel Strategies’ Fritz Wenzel. “This was a survey of all adults, which is a significantly more favorable audience for Obama than respondent samples of registered voters or likely voters, and yet American support for Israel far outstrips that shown by the Obama administration to date.”

Obama’s perspective on Israel was expected to come to head as early as this weekend, regarding a U.N. vote on a proposal to “condemn” Israel for its construction in the West Bank. The U.S. historically has opposed such political statements, but there were reports that this time, perhaps, the U.S. would abandon Israel.



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