State-Run Media Beg Egyptian Citizens to Praise Pharaoh Obama

Now they tell us. I’m looking at a headline here on Fox. Now they’re telling us “Unrest Spreading Across the Middle East.” How can that be? I thought the Middle East was solved. I thought we had an uprising, a democratic uprising. They got rid of that evil guy, Mubarak; and Obama went out there, did everything he could to make all this happen. “Unrest Spreading Across the Middle East.” How in the world can that be? Folks, you ever wonder how the opposite of what we’re always told, happens? I’ve got a whole stack of stories this Egypt business in the Middle East as well as the budget. The Muslim Brotherhoods have an English website, and here’s their headline: “Senior MB Leaders: Egypt’s Uprising a Prelude to a Radical Change in the Arab World.” Really? Are you surprised? I can’t say that I am.

From the New York Times: “Iranian Leaders Vow to Crush March,” and if you read this New York Times story, in the middle of this piece, it seems the New York Times agrees with the Iranian regime — the mullahs, the Ahmadinejads — on the need to crush this uprising. It says that Iran is unlike Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. It’s already had its revolution. So this would be a counterrevolution. Iran had its revolution in 1979. This uprising is not good. So whatever’s necessary to suppress this democratic uprising in Iran, the mullahs need to go right ahead and do it. Conflicting, conflicting, all over the place. Nicholas Kristof, New York Times a couple days ago: “What Egypt Can Teach America.” (laughing) What Egypt can teach us? This is an incredible piece! I, of course, during the focus of the program today will quote various elements of this and show you what I mean. Just incredible. And then another piece here from another blogger: “Egypt as an Opportunity” for us. The job of sorting this out gets harder and harder.



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