Rumsfeld: Yeah, Caliphate is the goal

It’s weird to wake up one day and suddenly that “crazy” theory Glenn had about a potential “caliphate” in Egypt is all over the news. What did Glenn think of people like Donald Rumsfeld co-opting his theory?

“Two days ago I was called crazy for by the Washington Post, Time magazine, all of these things. And, of course, the esteemed William Kristol, Esquire,” Glenn said.

But then yesterday, Donald Rumsfeld was on Rush Limbaugh where he said, “We are up against a vicious enemy. The radical Islamists are there. They intend to try to create a Caliphate in this world and fundamentally alter the nature of nation states, and we’re reluctant to engage in the competition of ideas and point out what they really are and how vicious they are.”

“So that’s interesting. Not only are they interested in establishing a Caliphate but also fundamentally altering nation states. There wouldn’t be any under an Islamic Caliphate,” Pat said.



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