Public Sector Unions: Monopolies Organizing Against the Taxpayers

Here’s the bottom line. You know, I’ll have to tell you something. I have sympathy for a lot of rank-and-file union employees, and I always have had. My beef with unions has always been the leadership and their reasons for collecting dues from members, their political activism and so forth. But I’ve always had a bit of sympathy for unionized people. My whole life, I don’t care what industry it is, union employees have been told that they’ve gotta give things back, airline pilots, stewardesses, flight attendants, whatever, nurses. It seems to be the plight of collective bargaining. It seems to be that at whatever stage.

Union employment, private sector union employment, the percentages continue to drop. Now in the public sector, government, state, local, federal, union workforces are expanding, of course. But they can print money to pay people. But in the private sector, businesses can’t print money to pay people, nor can states, nor can cities, nor can towns. You want the right to collective bargain, fine. If that’s what you want to do, that’s fine. Over the course of this program I’ve had people ask me, “What have you got against unions?” Nothing! I’m all for freedom of choice. If you want to do a certain job and as a result you have to join a union, that’s cool with me. But understand what’s going to happen when you do.



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